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In Turks and Caicos, Providenciales is home to some of the best sport fishing opportunities. The location hosts an array of fishing tournaments every year, including bottom fishing contests, Caicos Classic deep-sea billfishing events, and more. If you love bonefishing and thinking of planning a vacation here, you are in for a treat! Adding a fishing adventure to your Turks and Caicos vacation is a wonderful way to spice things up. 

We have good news for you! You can book your fishing trips through The Turks and Caicos company. In addition, you can get the necessary fishing licenses for $12 per person.

Why Go Fishing with The Turks and Caicos company ? No vacation in Turks and Caicos is complete without relaxing on a private boat charter and spending a day or two on the deep blue waters that surround Providenciales’ coast. At The Turks and Caicos company, we offer fishing packages that will guarantee a memorable experience for your loved ones. As the reel starts to scream and the rod bends toward the water, it could be a tarpon, kingfish, swordfish, sailfish, shark, snapper, or grouper on the other end!

When Should You Go Fishing?

The Turks and Caicos company recommends trying fishing near or during the full moon or new moon. Although fishes in the Turks and Caicos Islands are not subject to any seasonal restrictions, it is important to note that there are stipulations on conches and lobsters such as size limitations on conches and Lobster Season closes from April 1st to August 1st each year. Other than that, simply cast your rod and wait for a bite!

Basic Fishing Guidelines

Before you make your first cast, ensure that you are fishing in approved areas. Whether you have a fishing license or not, fishing within the islands’ National Parks is strictly forbidden. The Turks and Caicos company Fishing Trip Reviews The Turks and Caicos company had the privilege or organizing fishing trips for our clients; hear what they have to say about their experiences! “I have never tried fishing, but I figured I should give it a shot since I am heading out to sea. I initially felt embarrassed because I didn’t know how to prepare and handle a fishing rod, however, the crew was patient, helpful, and encouraging. Thanks!” “We had an incredible experience from start till end. Our fishing trip started with the crew picking us up at the beach that was next to our resort. The boat was clean and modern and came with all the necessary amenities. We didn’t know much about fishing, but the crew was informative, even giving us a crash course about the Turks and Caicos Islands. We would like to thank everyone again for giving us such a comfortable and enjoyable experience.” “We had a close encounter with a giant shark. Although it didn’t take the bait, it was still a thrill to spot it! I totally enjoyed my fishing trip so thanks for arranging for me and my wife!” Exciting Memories Await! Reserve Your Fishing Experience Today!

Exciting Memories Await! Reserve Your Fishing Experience Today!