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Private Jets

Short of owning your own aircraft with your personal pilots on standby, the easiest route to flying privately to Turks and Caicos is by using a service such as The Turks and Caicos company Jet Charter consultants. No one choice of aircraft is right for every flight or client. That is where we consult with you, The Turks and Caicos company’s client, to make the best decision based on your specific needs and expectations on every flight. Not all flights are the same-business or pleasure to the Turks, we have you covered.

With more than 10 years of experience, we have access to a global network of aircrafts from single-engine turboprops jet aircrafts, as well as large capacity aircrafts; we will source the right one based on your specific needs at that time. Our dedicated and experienced consultants work with you to help determine which aircraft is best, based on your departure location, length of stay in the Turks, how many guests you will be traveling with, as well as budget. We are here to walk you through the process and have options for everyone.

Thought that was it? Not quite. Our consultants have a few tricks up their sleeves: finding “empty legs, one-ways and deadheads that are crisscrossing the globe, offering a discount from the operator that can leave both traditional charter and jet-card pricing in the dust. So, using your current card program might not be the best option for your time in the sun in the Turks.
Our Jet Charter consultants are able to locate planes on very short notice, but planning ahead always helps. Operators and Jet Card companies promote the safety of their planes, but the funny thing is, we have access to and often use, the same exact planes they use and hold them to our own company standard for safety. Either way, safety is and always will be our Jet Charter consultants #1 priority.

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