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Snuba is an alternative to scuba diving and was invented in 1989. The activity is pretty popular in several locations across the globe, including the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Caribbean, and Hawaii. At The Turks and Caicos company, we can organize snuba diving trips for our clients.

Diving Into the Basics of Snuba

Snuba diving is the combination of scuba diving and snorkeling. The difference is that snuba divers do not need to carry bulky air tanks on their backs. The air tanks are attached to a small raft that remains stationary on the water’s surface. Snuba divers are typically connected to the raft with a hose that allows them to dive down approximately 15 feet (standard) or even 20 feet. Unlike snorkeling, you don’t have to come up to the surface for air. You are free to swim around freely for an extended period of time.

Snuba diving tours are often available in central Providenciales, at the beach that’s near the Bight Reef. This beautiful location comes with an easily accessible reef system and is home to a wide selection of sea life, including the occasional nurse sharks, hawksbill turtles, stingrays, lobsters, and colorful reef fishes. If you travel further to Princess Alexandra National Park’s offshore barrier reef, you will be able to explore a more complex reef structure.

Before you snuba dive, it is important to note that no one is allowed to remove anything from the reserves and marine parks. Divers must also avoid leaving personal items behind. These rules are essential for preserving the islands’ underwater world and preventing corals from getting killed.

Why Go Snuba Diving with The Turks and Caicos company ?

At The Turks and Caicos company, we keep our snuba groups small. This allows our guests to better explore the fascinating reef at Providenciales. Next, our guests do not need to go through any formal training, take pool classes, or hold any diving certifications. Our snuba diving tours are perfect for the entire family, including kids who are at least eight years old.

Our tours come with a trained instructor and are designed to allow our guests to relax and enjoy the fun of breathing underwater without the use of heavy equipment. It’s a rare chance for you to come face-to-face with coral reefs, exotic marine life, and schools of fish!

How To Come Prepared

A typical snuba diving session can last up to an hour. For your trip, it’s recommended that you pack the following items with you:

  • Insect repellent
  • Underwater camera
  • Swimsuit
  • Change of clothes
  • Sneakers
  • Towel
  • Cash
  • Sunscreen
  • Water shoes

Alternatively, you can get our concierge attendants to prepare everything you need.

Exciting Memories Await! Reserve Your Fishing Experience Today!

The Turks and Caicos company has a great snuba diving tour in store for you when visit Turks and Caicos. We can’t wait to escort you into the waters of the Bight Reef for a personalized guided snuba tour! You can also enjoy complete peace of mind that all of our operators are fully licensed and insured. Due to high demand, it is recommended that you schedule your preferred diving date and time in advance to ensure that everyone gets a piece of the action.