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5 Summer Vacation Water Activities in Turks And Caicos

Turks and Caicos is the ultimate tropical vacation, especially this time of year. Even though there are beautiful turquoise waters, white sandy beaches surrounding the islands, and 80-degree temperatures all year round, summer is a quiet time with the fewest number of tourists. So, come in summer and enjoy! You might spend the entire vacation just relaxing in the sunshine and digging your toes in the sand or decide to have a bit of fun and physical activity. There are a variety of water activities in Turks and Caicos for everyone to choose from and experience, no matter your skill level. Here are just five suggestions for you and your friends to try.


Have you ever wanted to fly like a bird? With parasailing, you can. You’ll reach an altitude of 585 feet and while the wind blows, you will float through the air and look down at the breathtaking views below. You can discover lush mangroves, hidden coves, white beaches, and even the coral reefs under the crystal-clear water beneath your feet. Doesn’t that sound like fun?


Is something down to earth a little more your style? Explore a maze of passageways through coves, tidal creeks, and mangroves to make your time in Turks and Caicos a very special experience. The seclusion and quiet emphasizes the sounds of the birds – pelicans, egrets, and herons – and exciting marine animals like conch, dolphins, and lemon sharks. Don’t miss Little Water Cay with its treasure trove of iguanas and beautiful views.

Boat Cruises

Book a half day or a full day cruise with a variety of tour operators to explore the islands in luxury and relaxation. Choose between a romantic sunset cruise with wine and cheese or a day of snorkeling with friends and family. How about a private, first class luxury tour? Most VIP tours offer a rooftop lounge with rum punch, incredible views, and delicious local fare.


Coral Gardens is one of the best places for snorkeling with its rare marine life and exotic fish. Accessible off Grace Bay Beach, swim with the sea turtles, starfish, stingrays, lobsters, and yellowtail snappers. Study the colorful coral formations, sea urchins, and more. This area is considered one of the top diving and snorkeling areas in the world. You can find snorkeling spots yourself or hire a boat to take you to the best places.


The late Jacques Cousteau toasted the islands of Turks and Caicos as one of the world’s most amazing places to dive. Because of its crystal-clear water and temperate climate, divers can see nearly to the bottom of the ocean, even in the deepest locations. Night dives are especially exciting. It’s much easier to interact and get closer to underwater life because the creatures can’t see the divers in the dark. That gives you the chance to watch octopi, sharks, and moray eels.

Tint Turks and Caicos

Are you looking for an amazing vacation for your family or friends? One that includes lots of things to do? Consider somewhere beautiful and luxurious. The beaches, restaurants, shopping, and water activities in Turks and Caicos are second to none. By contacting Tint Turks and Caicos, our professionals will find you and your family or friends an amazing place to stay and book excursions for your whole group. Review our website and then contact us today!

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