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Escape The Cold With The Turks And Caicos Winter Vacation

The Alexandra Resort - Turks and Caicos

Let’s see, what sounds more appealing?a) foot after foot of snow, plowing, snow-blowing, shoveling, ice, boots, parkas, biting and swirling winds, and bitter below zero temperatures…

… or …b) flip-flops, swimsuits, piña coladas, fun in the sun, snorkeling, tropical temperatures, and light breezes?

Hmm. Even if you love winter sports, it’s good to get away during the coldest season of the year. You might want to consider a Turks and Caicos winter vacation. Not convinced? Read on.

Year Round Warm Weather and Water

From summer to winter and back again, around the Turks and Caicos Islands, the water temperature only changes marginally. In summer, water temperatures can be between 84 and 82°F. In winter, with not much change, the temperature of the water hovers between 78 and 74°. That’s still perfect for surfing, sailing, diving, or just the occasional dip.

Beach Enclave Long Bay Villa 1

The waters are deep shades of blue and of pristine quality. Rocks, seaweed, debris, and pollution are impressively protected against due to wave activity being absorbed by the large barrier reef that surrounds the islands. Visibility is incredible for snorkelers and divers.

Because of a national park or reserve status applying to much of Turks and Caicos, the area is relatively free of harm, vandalism, and littering.

Oh, The Weather Outside Isn’t Frightful

At least not in Turks and Caicos! In fact, it is anything but. From November to May, the temperature can range between 84 and 80°F. From June to October, the high to mid 90s are common. That gives Turks and Caicos an average temperature of about 84°F year round. You can’t beat that.

Daily Servings of Sunshine, Sand, and Sea

Get healthy – absorb lots of vitamin D for a healthy immune system, teeth, and healthy bones by tapping into that “sunshine vitamin” on the beaches of Turks and Caicos. There’s nowhere to refresh and revitalize like on the shores of Long Bay, Taylor Bay, Grace Bay Beach, and other exotic areas perfect for beachcombing and walking.

Did you know that walking barefoot in the sand not only stimulates the ends of your feet but helps strengthen leg muscles? Whether your passion is boating, parasailing, diving, snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, or something else, the opportunities along the mile after mile of coastline are unlimited.

Fresh and Delicious Tropical Fare

The dining opportunities in Turks and Caicos may put a heavy accent on fresh seafood, but there is an eclectic selection of cuisine to be sampled and enjoyed. If fish isn’t your fancy, try dishes involving beef, chicken, lamb, and more.

Don’t forget to grab some of the tropical fruits… other than the decorative garnishes on your tropical drinks, that is. Turks and Caicos is nothing less than the perfect getaway any time of year. Particularly, however, in the winter months, it can offer just the reprieve you need to save yourself from going stir crazy. Your home may be beautiful and warm in winter, but those four walls get pretty tight when you’re cooped up against the frigid outdoors month after month. Contact one of the helpful representatives at the Turks and Caicos Company today to book your winter vacation. Hurry before everyone else beats you to it! Chek out our Luxury Resort selection or private villas.

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