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Go On A Culinary Adventure In Turks And Caicos

Local cuisine, Turks and Caicos

culinary adventure in Turks and Caicos is not hard to plan. First of all, the mere fact that you are in Turks and Caicos can be one of the most unforgettable, heavenly experiences known to mankind. Couple that with the fact that world cuisine combines with Caribbean influences and traditional recipes, and you have a match made in heaven where the foodie or dining connoisseur is concerned.

So that you can get a real “taste” of the culinary adventures that can be found in Turks and Caicos, we are going to give you a sampling of some of the dishes not to miss while you’re there.

Drunken Chicken

Visit the Grace Bay Restaurant for this. It’s a cult dish, of sorts, and is centered around – you guessed it – jerk chicken. Dine in the shaded outdoors surrounded by tropical plants and fresh air.

Pea Soup

Stop at Fresh Catch for some of the most incredible seafood dishes found in Turks and Caicos. Ask anyone in the area, and you’ll likely end up here for an authentic taste of local fare. Aside from the seafood, however, don’t miss the chance to indulge in their famous pea soup.

Cracked Conch

In every way you can possibly think of, Da Conch Shack takes everyday conch and whips it up in tropical style. For the perfect meal, enjoy cracked conch with a Turks Head brew.

Pepper Crusted Rare Local Tuna

This place demonstrates high expertise where making something truly special out of tuna is concerned. And you’ll never have fresher tuna than what you’ll find at Coco Bistro. Of course, the lobster is amazing as well, but be sure to try their pepper crusted rare local tuna.

Fish Kerala Masala

Simply delicious! This combination of a sauce made from spiced coconut milk with fresh marinated fish makes Garam Masala a must-stop while you’re in Turks and Caicos. (Ask for the fish Kerala masala.)

Octopus with Chickpea Purée

Possibly you’ve noticed a pattern already. Fresh seafood is not only in abundance but used in most of the favorite dishes here. If you’re a seafood fan, you will be in heaven.

At Caicos Café, the scallops are to die for. If you’re looking for an appetizer, nearly everyone in the area recommends trying the octopus with chickpea purée.

Beef Tenderloin

We’re going to get away from seafood for just a moment and stop for dinner at Seven Stars. Though one of the standout dishes here is the roasted Chateaubriand (roasted for 24 hours!), you can’t go wrong with the gloriously indulgent beef tenderloin. It’s a tantalizing treat for the taste buds.

Lunch on the beach

Chicken and Fries

It sounds simple because it is. Some of the most tasty but affordable chicken dishes can be found in this not-so-glamorous Turks and Caicos restaurant, Sweet T’s. To keep it easy and uncomplicated, try the chicken and fries.

One More Non-Seafood Dish

Don’t miss this one! Be sure to stop in at Turk’s Kebab for – no, not seafood – the Lamb GYRO. Back when it first opened, this little joint on Provo was one of the best kept secrets around. But their classic dish put the secret out there for one and all. It’s easy to see why TripAdvisor mentions this dish specifically.

Have you considered a visit to Turks and Caicos? Are you a connoisseur of eclectic dining or tropical delights? if you can answer yes to either one of those, or both, contact a representative from The Turks and Caicos Company today and let them know that you would like to have a culinary adventure. They’ll get you all set up from a place to stay, to transportation, to food and entertainment, and more.

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