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Pack Smart for Your Providenciales Vacation

For those unfamiliar with Turks and Caicos, these islands are the ultimate in tropical vacation land. In particular, a Providenciales (sometimes referred to as Provo) vacation could be what you, you and your family (or friends), or you and a loved one need to refresh and revitalize your spirit, mind, and body. For many individuals, tropical vacations are their idea of a little slice of heaven. The beach, the surf, the warm weather, the eclectic selection of fresh cuisine – not to mention the abundance of tropical drinks! There is little to dislike about a setting such as this.

Of course, if you don’t pack right, you could find yourself in need of any number of things once you arrive. Let’s take a look at some pointers so that you will be sure to pack what you need, leave behind what you don’t, and know how to differentiate between the two.

Got Your Passport?

If you forget almost everything else, this could be one of the most important things to pack. Part of the British West Indies (BWI), Turks and Caicos requires a passport, regardless of age, for all visitors. Some sources recommend, in case you would lose your passport, making a copy of it and putting it somewhere safe. You can receive assistance from the local Embassy in the event you lose your ID.

Protect Yourself

Against the sun, that is. The sun can still burn you even when you’re splashing around in the water. To help protect against UV rays and other skin irritations, remember your mosquito repellent, water shoes, beach bag, sun hat, bathing suit cover-up, summer clothes, sunglasses, and sunscreen with high SPF.


Every year, in the Turks and Caicos, only about 15 days of rain occur. Consider that when packing clothing such as the following:


  • Cotton long sleeves
  • Board shorts
  • T-shirts


  • Breathable cotton blouse
  • Shorts
  • Sundress

And of course, swimwear should be packed, unless you plan to purchase some while you’re there.

Additionally, dining attire may vary, depending on where you eat and drink. You might want to bring a light jacket for nighttime excursions, especially during the winter months. Still, the temperature is warm and pleasant most of the time.


One of the biggest things to keep in mind here is that humidity hovers right around 80% – it’s humid! Embrace the beach lifestyle and leave the curlers and heavy makeup behind. This can also apply to the wearing of expensive jewelry that you don’t want to be worn, instead, by sea creatures crawling along the ocean floor.

Cell Phone and Accessories

You should get free local calls if your villa/room has a phone. Using your cell phone, on the other hand, will likely (as soon as you turn it on) mean international roaming charges. Those charges add up quickly. Check with your cell phone provider if you have any doubts or questions.

Things to bring, aside from all of the above, are basic traveling accessories:

  • Book
  • Camera (consider one that takes pictures underwater in addition to your phone)
  • Snorkel equipment (unless you intend to rent some)
  • Extra sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Extra pair of prescription glasses (in case you lose your good ones)

Now you know how to pack for your tropical vacation. If you book your accommodations through the Turks and Caicos Company, you will be assured the best hotels, villa rentals, and more. Don’t worry, if you forgot to pack something and find yourself in need, simply contact the hotel concierge service and they’ll do what they can to get you all set up.

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